PHEEEWWW. We are finishing up Phase 3! I just completed my project for this phase, which was to create a web application using Rails. I currently feel two ways about Rails -

1. Rails is an amazing framework that made my life easier.
2. Definitely can be tricky when first learning how to work with it.

For my project, I decided to go with a “Car Dealership” idea. For my relationships, a Car belongs to a Brand, a Brand has many Cars, and a Brand belongs to a Country. I was extremely excited to get started on this project once…

For my Phase 2 project at Flatiron School, I was instructed to create a fully functioning web application using Sinatra. I have been enjoying this phase and what I learned, so I couldn’t wait to get started on it. For my project, I created a “Car Inventory” application. A user has many cars, but each car only belongs to one user.

In my application, a user is able to sign up by using an email and creating a password. Once signed up, they are able to view cars in the inventory, add their own cars to the inventory, edit their…

I feel like time went by quick, but in a good way. I was assigned my first project. I needed to create a CLI application that was at least two levels deep. I decided to create a “Jokes” CLI that allows the user to choose from categories which then provides them with a joke from the desired category.

When the user run’s the application, they are asked for their name and then asked if they would like to see a list of joke categories. I used an API for this project and I was allowed the option to filter out…

My interest in coding started early in Elementary School. My favorite part of school was always “Computer Class.” I loved being on the computer. I remember being the one who wanted to make sure I knew every shortcut and every little tweak on the computer. I would go home and watch Youtube videos about how to mess around with different settings on the computer to make my computer “look cool.”

As I entered middle and high school, I started to find interest in the “how” of things.

“How does the computer show these words?” …

Rianna Castro

On the road to becoming a Software Engineer.

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